Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our blog! We are Bloominghill Flowers–a charming flower shop located in the heart of Midtown Toronto.  Our creative and talented staff work around the clock to create beautiful,  inspired and outstanding arrangements, with only the freshest flowers, of course!hw0_704727

Peter Campbell, accomplished and diligent owner, first opened up shop in 1983. With minimal knowledge in flowers, but an extensive background in Fine Arts as well as a degree from OCAD, Peter’s shop quickly sprouted from the teeming streets of Toronto.  Surrounded by all of the splendours of the Autumn season, Bloominghill Flowers began serving its tremendous customers with just a single cooler overflowing with fall blooms including dazzling hydrangeas, timeless roses, supple berries, bright sunflowers, and darling dahlias.  


Who knew such a petite flower shop would grow and flourish just like beautiful products we sell! It’s truly incredible how a few customers turned into hundreds, and the variety of plants, fresh flowers, and assorted giftware would expand so big, that not only our space and knowledge would blossom, but our kind, skillful and inventive staff would too! Thirty-three years later, and still on Avenue Road,  our team continues to serve the community, one beautiful bloom at a time. Bloominghill Flowers is an ever-growing shop, expanding in both its business and artistry.  Constant evolvement gives us the opportunity to keep up with new floral designing trends, latest products, and all things pretty!


We thank each and every customer for their kindness, support and exceptional taste (if we do say so ourselves)!  Nothing makes us happier than seeing a shopper walk out of our store with a breathtaking bouquet in their hands, and a beaming smile on their face.  There is truly nothing better than a fresh and radiant floral bouquet. We know that, and now you know it too. Thank you for visiting our blog!  Follow us for updates on the floral season 🙂

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