Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, This Valentine’s Day, Try Something New!


As most of you know, Valentine’s day is less than 2 weeks away! A holiday literally made to celebrate and spread love to those special people you care about. Every February, shops around the city overflow with assorted chocolates, heart-shaped balloons, candlelit dinners, and, most importantly, classic and elegant red roses! 

But, hold on a minute, what if your loved one doesn’t like red roses? Perhaps they’re not even a fan of the colour red! Have you ever asked? Well, we’re here to tell you not to worry! There are plenty of other beautiful, breathtaking flowers out there that we’re sure will leave your loved one in total awe this February 14th.

                       adorable azaleas!

Everyone knows the red rose is the epitome of Valentines Day. In the Victorian age, according to the language of flowers, the red rose carried the meaning of love and passion. Now, Valentine’s day has become a special day to just tell someone you care. Whether you’re sending to your significant other, a family member who you love dearly, or even a friend who could use a reminder of how much they mean to you, flowers are always a sure way to make someone smile.

green hydrangea, orchids, berries, and fuji mums!

Now, you could go classic and pick up a dozen red roses, but why not spice it up this year and try something new! With all the beautiful spring blooms in season and the enormous variety that is offered nowadays, putting some extra thought into your bouquet means more than you may first think. This Valentines Day, why not present your loved one with a gorgeous, beautiful bouquet that reflects who they are and what they adore.

Maybe your fiancé is obsessed with purple?  Perhaps a dazzling arrangement of deep purple lisianthus and violet veronica would make his heart sing! Your girlfriend’s desk at work is looking a little empty? Send her some juicy succulents in a funky container and have it last all year round ! Your wife’s favourite flower is a hydrangea? No problem, we can make a stunning vase overflowing with them!

          purple lisianthus & violet veronica

So, you see, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be about red roses.  Show your partner, family or friends that you both listen to them and love them dearly, by adding a personal touch to their flowers.

Of course, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day in February to send flowers to your loved one! Check out our website or give us a call at 4167817135 to place your order today!

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A Bloominghill Christmas Special


The Christmas countdown is officially underway and we know you’ve been busy preparing!  Between putting up the Christmas tree, finding a parking space at the mall, wrapping endless presents and cooking the turkey, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Oh and the décor! Don’t forget the décor! Luckily, fellow flower-loving friends, the little elves at Bloominghill Flowers have been working extra hard this year to make sure your holiday is as beautiful and stress-free as possible.


So, you’re hosting this Christmas. You’ve wrapped the presents, and prepped the food. Now, all that’s left is the dining room table. Finding creative, new ways to fold napkins and coordinating colours can be a bit tedious. That’s where we come in.

The first step to setting any table is: choosing a theme. To help you out with a little inspiration, we’ve come up with three unique themes that we think both you and your guests will absolutely adore! Whether you like to keep it traditional, or prefer a unique twist to your setting, Bloominghill Flowers has got you covered.


Our first theme is for any pastoral devotee.  Your guests will love this cozy, countryside look.  Darling anemones with luscious wintery evergreens and pine cones sprout from an adorable, woodsy container.  Sweet accents like pine cones and tea lights running down the length of your table are the tasteful touches that make any holiday table look like Martha Stewart set it herself!






This theme is both modern and fashion-forward. These stylish white and green arrangements are perfect for the Winter season. Our chic look contains bright, beautiful green hydrangeas paired with crisp white orchids, accented by tiny silver ornaments to give it that fresh holiday feel.  Dress up your table with funky wire, mercury glass candle holders and glass ornaments to bring it to the next level!







Our last look is nothing short of a classic.  Red, green and gold surrounded with boughs of free laid evergreens are sure to have your guests feeling warm and fuzzy. Rich red roses, dazzling green mums, and gold and red balls make this the perfect arrangement for your holiday display.  Add a little jazz with curls of ribbon to accent the length of your table!






No matter what your style or taste we’re sure your holiday table will be a success. Bloominghill Flowers wishes everyone a happy, warm and sparkle-filled holiday season!

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Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our blog! We are Bloominghill Flowers–a charming flower shop located in the heart of Midtown Toronto.  Our creative and talented staff work around the clock to create beautiful,  inspired and outstanding arrangements, with only the freshest flowers, of course!hw0_704727

Peter Campbell, accomplished and diligent owner, first opened up shop in 1983. With minimal knowledge in flowers, but an extensive background in Fine Arts as well as a degree from OCAD, Peter’s shop quickly sprouted from the teeming streets of Toronto.  Surrounded by all of the splendours of the Autumn season, Bloominghill Flowers began serving its tremendous customers with just a single cooler overflowing with fall blooms including dazzling hydrangeas, timeless roses, supple berries, bright sunflowers, and darling dahlias.  


Who knew such a petite flower shop would grow and flourish just like beautiful products we sell! It’s truly incredible how a few customers turned into hundreds, and the variety of plants, fresh flowers, and assorted giftware would expand so big, that not only our space and knowledge would blossom, but our kind, skillful and inventive staff would too! Thirty-three years later, and still on Avenue Road,  our team continues to serve the community, one beautiful bloom at a time. Bloominghill Flowers is an ever-growing shop, expanding in both its business and artistry.  Constant evolvement gives us the opportunity to keep up with new floral designing trends, latest products, and all things pretty!


We thank each and every customer for their kindness, support and exceptional taste (if we do say so ourselves)!  Nothing makes us happier than seeing a shopper walk out of our store with a breathtaking bouquet in their hands, and a beaming smile on their face.  There is truly nothing better than a fresh and radiant floral bouquet. We know that, and now you know it too. Thank you for visiting our blog!  Follow us for updates on the floral season 🙂